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Duo-SilŽ Acrylic Urethane Caulk
DUO-SILŽ is a low VOC, mildew resistant caulk that can be used in all areas of the home where caulk is needed. Available in over 140 colors in stock.

Our price: $5.73
Hybrisil is a high performance, low VOC sealant that features a 3 in 1 chemistry that creates a paintable, waterproof sealant that is guaranteed not to shrink, crack or peel.

Our price: $7.76
SIR-O-SIL 25TM is a high performance acetoxy cure silicone sealant. This easy to apply sealant cures to a durable, flexible, silicone rubber. Available in clear and white. Available upon request Black, Almond,Bronze,Aluminum & Tan

Our price: $7.78
Duo-Sil UltraŽ
DUO-SIL ULTRAŽ is specifically designed to meet the needs of the professional contractor. It is a superior, all-purpose adhesive and sealant combining enhanced ease of application with long-term performance. Duo-Sil UltraŽ can be applied form 0° to 140°F, on wet, damp, or dry surfaces and is ready to paint in one hour after application. Duo-Sil UltraŽ is formulated to withstand the harshest weather conditions from extreme cold to driving rain to hot and humid conditions. It will never shrink, crack, or peel and has a low VOC formulation containing no isocyanates or solvents. Currently available in White only.

Our price: $8.17
SIR-O-SIL 50TM is a high performance silicone sealant formulated for heavy duty applications and adheres to porous and nonporous surfaces. Available in Clear and White.

Our price: $9.87

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