Hybri-SIL Window Sealant FAQs | Sealants Direct

Why is Hybri-SIL better than other caulks and sealants?

Hybri-SIL  can be applied in extreme and all weather environments.  It is simply superior to silicone sealants in every way and  you get all of the benefits of traditional silicone and acrylic sealants without any of the drawbacks.  Hybri-SIL is paintable, won't crack or shrink, has superior flexibility, is a low VOC product, has no odor or solvents, and sticks to anything. Hybri-SIL is the next generation of sealants and caulks formulated and manufactured in the Netherlands. It meets all of the European environmental regulations while it outperforms traditional caulks and sealants for both commercial and residential applications.

Is Hybri-SIL suitable for interior and exterior uses?

Yes, in fact its low VOC, no odor formulation makes it ideal for all applications, inside or outside.

Is Hybri-SIL paintable?

Yes, Hybri-SIL is paintable with almost all common acrylic-based paints and some alkyd-based paints. Test alkyd-based paints for suitability. Hybri-SIL can be painted in two hours under normal atmospheric conditions.

What surfaces does Hybri-SIL adhere to?

Hybri-SIL is a high performance product. Unlike many traditional sealants and caulks, it adheres to almost all common household surfaces. Porous or non-porous surfaces all adhere to Hybri-SIL .

Does Hybri-SIL stretch?

Hybri-SIL can expand up to 300% after full cure.

Can Hybri-SIL be applied to damp surfaces?

Yes, Hybri-SIL can be applied to damp surfaces without affecting its performance.

Is Hybri-SIL water based, silicone based, or solvent based?

None of the above. Hybri-SIL is a unique hybrid formula that contains no solvents, silicones, or water.

What temperature range can I apply Hybri-SIL?

You can apply Hybri-SIL at any temperature above 0°F.

What is the temperature range for the cured product?

Hybri-SIL will perform from -75°F to 350°F.

Is Hybri-SIL waterproof?

Yes, Hybri-SIL formulation contains no water and is waterproof. In fact, Hybri-SIL can be applied where there is a possibility of occasional standing water.

What is the typical cure time for Hybri-SIL?

Hybri-SIL has a typical cure time of 24 to 48 hours.

What is the typical shelf life for Hybri-SIL?

Unopened shelf life of Hybri-SIL is 12 months stored at room temperature. Opened but resealed, the high performance sealants and caulks last approximately one week.

Does Sealants Direct offer a warranty on Hybri-SIL?

Sealants Direct unconditionally warranties the product for product replacement only. Please see our warranty statement for more information.