Simply Superior to Silicone

HYBRI-SIL® is an advanced Hybrid Polymer sealant that features a 3 in 1 sealant system that combines the paintability of acrylic, waterproof nature of silicone and the adhesion strength of polyurethane- all in one.

Whether you are working with heavy grade commercial equipment or architectural details in the home, this sealant system delivers performance unlike no other creating an odorless, paintable and superior adhesion to both porous and nonporous surfaces.   

  • No odor, Low VOC - the green alternative
  • Paintable in 1 hour
  • Superior to silicone in every way!
  • Guaranteed not to shrink, crack, or peel
  • Sticks like glue to most surfaces - adheres to brick, metal, vinyl, glass and roofing materials
  • Has a shelf live of over a year
  • Waterproof - Can be applied in standing water or wet conditions
  • Will fully cure within 48 hours regardless of temperature


You'll also find that HYBRI-SIL® is both flexible and waterproof and will not crack, making it an ideal sealant for a variety of commercial and residential applications and energy-saving projects at home.  Unlike mass-market caulks, which can fail due to shrinkage, paint cracking, adhesion failure, or lack of flexibility, HYBRI-SIL® offers superior performance with lasting results. It has all of the benefits of both silicone and water-based caulks with none of the limitations, delivering superior results for your projects every time.

The no odor, low VOC formulation of HYBRI-SIL® sealant makes it suitable for a variety of applications, and the innovative features can enhance the outcome of your project. It is not sold in retail stores but is available to you through Sealants Direct.