Wexford Dripless Caulk Gun | Sealants Direct

The Exceptional Everyday Caulk Gun


The Wexford 4100b caulk gun is a must have for every home.  Most caulk guns will hinder the sealant application process with sticky triggers, sloppy application release and metal components that corrode or bend overtime. This professionally engineered gun features an epoxy finished steel casing with a “no drip” retractable trigger system that makes applying sealants a one step process time and time again.  Available in standard 10 oz cartridge sizing, this every day caulking gun is easy to load, use, clean and store. 


  • Holds Standard 10 Cartridge
  • Easy trigger mechanics
  • “No Drip” retractable trigger system
  • Will not corrode
  • Ladder Hook
  • Steel Catch Plate
  • Perfect for DIY and Home Projects

The Wexford caulk gun is a perfect fit for home improvement projects and sealantsdirect.com professional grade caulks and sealants such as HYBRI-SIL®, DUO-SIL® Colored Caulk, SIR-O-SIL 25TM and SIR-O-SIL 50TM