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Why choose DUO-SIL® over other caulks?

DUO-SIL® is a specially formulated urethane acrylic emulsion adhesive sealant that offers superior performance in a range of uses. The adhesive caulk is available in more than 140 in stock colors and is paintable for enhanced versatility and improved finishes. And DUO-SIL® is a low VOC product that is non-hazardous, non-flammable, easy to apply, and easy to clean up.

How do I choose the right caulk colors?

With more than 140 in stock caulk colors, DUO-SIL® can help you achieve a truly unique, custom, professional finish. Visit our color page or view our 140 stock colors for more information on choosing the right color for your project.

COLOR MATCH BROCHURE (PDF)  or CONTACT US for a specific color match.

Does the color change from wet to cure?

Yes, like latex paint, the color of DUO-SIL® changes from wet to full cure. The color match brochure matches the fully cured shade. For help in selecting the right color for your needs, please view our 140 STOCK COLORS or CONTACT US for a specific color match.

Is DUO-SIL® paintable?

Yes, in addition to availability in over 140 in stock caulk colors, DUO-SIL® adhesive caulk is paintable with oil or latex paints after curing (48 hours).

Is DUO-SIL® suitable for interior and exterior uses?

Yes, DUO-SIL® is formulated for the professional applicator and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications

What surfaces does DUO-SIL® adhere to?

DUO-SIL® adhesive caulk provides a superior bond to most common building materials, including wood, metal, concrete, gypsum board, vinyl board, cove base, moldings, foam board, and more.

What temperature range can I apply DUO-SIL®?

You can apply DUO-SIL® at temperatures between 40°F and 100°F.

What is the temperature range for the cured product?

DUO-SIL® will perform from 0°F to 170°F.

Is DUO-SIL® mildew resistant?

Yes, DUO-SIL® adhesive sealant is mildew resistant.

Is DUO-SIL® a low VOC product?

Yes, DUO-SIL® is an environmentally-friendly, low VOC product.

What is the typical cure time for DUO-SIL®?

DUO-SIL® has a typical cure time of 48 hours. High humidity conditions may cause longer cure time.

What is the typical shelf life for DUO-SIL®?

Unopened shelf life of DUO-SIL® is 12 months stored at room temperature.

Does Sealants Direct offer a warranty on DUO-SIL®?

Sealants Direct unconditionally warranties the product for product replacement only. Please see our warranty statement for more information.