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Why choose DUO-SIL ULTRAŽ over other adhesives and sealants?

DUO-SIL ULTRAŽ is a superior, all-purpose adhesive and sealant combining enhanced ease of application with long-term performance. Duo-Sil UltraŽ can be applied form 0° to 140°F, on wet, damp, or dry surfaces and is ready to paint in one hour after application. Duo-Sil UltraŽ is formulated to withstand the harshest weather conditions from extreme cold to driving rain to hot and humid conditions. It will never shrink, crack, or peel and has a low VOC formulation containing no isocyanates or solvents.

Is Duo-Sil UltraŽ suitable for interior and exterior uses?

Yes, in fact its low voc, low odor formulation makes it ideal for all applications, inside or outside.

Is Duo-Sil UltraŽ paintable?

Yes, Duo-Sil UltraŽ is paintable with almost all common acrylic-based paints and some alkyd-based paints. Test alkyd-based paints for suitability. Duo-Sil UltraŽ can be painted in 1-2 hours under normal atmospheric conditions.

What surfaces does Duo-Sil UltraŽ adhere to?

Duo-Sil UltraŽ is a high performance product. Unlike many traditional sealants and caulks, it adheres to almost all common household surfaces. Porous or non-porous surfaces all adhere to Duo-Sil UltraŽ.

Can Duo-Sil UltraŽ be applied to damp or wet surfaces?

Yes, Duo-Sil UltraŽ can be applied to damp or wet surfaces without affecting its performance.

Is Duo-Sil UltraŽ waterproof?

Yes, Duo-Sil UltraŽ formulation contains no water and is waterproof. In fact, Duo-Sil UltraŽ can be applied where there is a possibility of occasional standing water.

What is the typical cure time for Duo-Sil UltraŽ?

Duo-Sil UltraŽ has a typical cure time of 24 to 48 hours.

What is the typical shelf life for Duo-Sil UltraŽ?

Unopened shelf life of Duo-Sil UltraŽ is 12 months stored at room temperature. Opened but resealed, the high performance sealants and caulks last approximately one week.

Does Sealants Direct offer a warranty on DUO-SILŽ?

Sealants Direct unconditionally warranties the product for product replacement only. Please see our warranty statement for more information.