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Colored Caulk with Superior Versatility

Most caulks found in retail stores have a limited color selection: clear, white, gray, or black. DUO-SILŽ is an easy to use colored caulk formulated for the professional that is available in a choice of 140 IN STOCK COLORS for seamless matching in commercial or home environments.

Now, you don't have to settle for the substandard outcome that results from caulks with limited color choices or do-it-yourself color mixing kits. The incredible selection of DUO-SILŽ colored, paintable caulk products can help you achieve a truly unique, custom finish for virtually any project.


    • Paintable with oil or latex paints
    • Easy to apply
    • Easy clean up
    • No odor
    • Non-hazardous
    • Non-flammable
    • Won't crack or fade
    • Exceptional adhesion
    • Low VOC formula
    • Mildew Resistant


    The versatility, convenience, and high-performance formula make DUO-SILŽ colored, paintable caulk ideal for various interior and exterior applications. This innovative product is not sold in stores but is available to you through Sealants Direct.