Caulk Guns

Like our professional line of caulk and sealant products, Sealants Direct is your source for high- quality, professional caulk and adhesive accessories.  Our professional-grade caulk guns are easy to use and perfect for any job on site or in the home.


With Sealants Direct, we can help you choose the right one. 

  • Determine the size of the caulk or sealant cartridge and the scope of work you want to complete
  • Identify the frequency of use.
  • Choose the right gun for you.


The Wexford Everyday Caulk Gun provides an easy to use, easy to clean and cost effective option for smaller jobs around the home and office. This gun is great for infrequent use.


For larger, more difficult jobs, the Professional XT caulk gun is a great option.  It has a “no drip” touch release trigger and rotating barrel for corners ensuring precise and professional application every time and the easy to clean epoxy steel components make it last for years to come.