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Premium Sealants and Caulks Deliver a Better Value for You

Sealants Direct is your convenient source for premium caulks and sealants from top European and American manufacturers. We find the most technologically advanced, innovative products and make them available direct to you. 

While premium caulks and sealants may initially cost a little more, they will save you significant money in the long run. Typical mass-market caulks are formulated to be inexpensive and their performance reflects that – they often fail due to shrinkage, paint cracking, adhesion failure, or lack of flexibility.

Our next generation of caulks and sealants are specially formulated to have all of the benefits of both silicone and water based caulks while also preventing the caulk from failing – eliminating time and money spent on removing the old caulk and re-caulking the project. Now you can do the job once, with no shrinking, cracking or failure due to loss of adhesion or lack of flexibility found in most common caulks. And no shrinkage means more coverage per cartridge versus typical acrylic caulks that may shrink up to 25 percent.

Get the best products for your project direct to your doorstep with premium, top-quality caulks and sealants from Sealants Direct.